Online Buyer of Services Beware

I speak from experience on this issue.  Last March I paid for a one-time property record search from, which is an online company devoted to providing public records for a price.  I used my credit card- big mistake.  Intelius subsequently made unauthorized charges on my credit card in May, June, and July totaling $100.00.  I contacted Intelius and my credit card provider  and the attorney generals for the State of Minnesota and Washington and filed complaints.   Intelius just agreed to pay 1.3 million in a consumer complaint case filed in Washington state. Intelius made 62 million from consumers.   I am not pleased that Intelius got away with bilking consumers like me out of 62 million.  I got my refund of $100 from Intelius, but it took me six months to do so and lots of hours and letters and the attorney general from Washington state.     The   Seattle Times quoted me today on the Intelius settlement    

As an aside, every state has consumer laws on the books. Minnesotans can check out the Minnesota attorney general’s website for general consumer information, remedies and procedure.

About Kate Willmore, Esq.

Kate Willmore, Saint Cloud, Minnesota, divorce, custody and family attorney brings over 25 years experience to every client's legal matter. *** Licensed in Minnesota and in California

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