Minnesota Parental Delegation- A Useful Form for Parents and Temporary Caregivers

Parents who need temporary caregivers for the children can make use of a Minnesota parental delegation form,  which is sometimes called a Minnesota delegation of parental authority or Minnesota delegation of parental powers.  The law authorizing the delegation is Minnesota  Statute 524.5-211.

GrandparentsA parental delegation grants parental powers over the children to a non-parent on a temporary basis.  A parental delegation does not take away any rights from the natural parents.  A delegation does not change custody.  Think of a parental delegation as adding another temporary parent instead of taking away a natural parent.  The temporary caregiver steps into the shoes of the parent for all reasons related to the care of the children until the delegation terminates.

A delegation is useful when one or both parents are traveling or deployed or otherwise temporarily unavailable to parent the children.   A delegation is signed by one or both parents and by the persons agreeing to take on the temporary responsibility of parenting the children.  A signed Minnesota parental delegation is not filed with the Court.  The Court is not involved with the signing or recording the parental delegation.

The delegation is a tool for temporary use only and not a means to permanently change caregivers or custody.

Minnesota parental delegation form compliments of Kate Willmore:  Parental Delegation 5-23-2013

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2 Responses to “Minnesota Parental Delegation- A Useful Form for Parents and Temporary Caregivers”

  1. If the child is revceiving food stamps and county assistance does this transfer to the person who is temporarily taking care of the child?


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