Estate Planning in Minnesota and Your Digital Inventory-Make it Easy for Your Heirs

I originally posted this blog in August 2013.  Readers appreciated the information and asked for a re-blog.  The post relates to how you can plan to terminate your digital life after  you go to the great beyond.   I confess that I never much thought about my digital afterlife until I researched and wrote this article.  I think the tips are worth a review.

Last WillEstate plans result in hard copy documents that reflect your last wishes in how you want your tangible property to be divided among your heirs. We all have a digital life these days from bank accounts to social media accounts. Making a digital inventory for your heirs and keeping a current corresponding list of your user IDs and passwords with your estate documents is helpful for anyone sorting out your estate.

You might begin with a list of all the digital sites and entities with whom you have online accounts that require a user ID and a password.

For example:

  • Domains & Hosting Sites
  • Blogs ( TypePad, self-hosted, or WordPress)
  • Videos ( YouTube)
  • E-mail and Web mail
  • Documents ( iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and the like)
  • Financial Accounts
  • Social Media Sites ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others)
  • Entertainment Sites ( ITunes, Amazon, Netflix. Vudu, Hula)
  • Online Businesses ( E-bay)
  • Your Electronics ( tablets, computers and smart phones)
  • and, any other category for which you have a user ID and password.

Once you have the categories listed, then set out your user ID and password.

Keep your digital inventory current with your various user IDs and passwords and file with your estate documents in a confidential and secure location.

Your digital life will outlive you unless you provide your heirs with a digital inventory that allows your heirs to close these accounts

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