Meet, Greet, and Party On or Co-Parenting with Somebody You Don’t Really Know or Want To.

Party secnePartying, whether a one-night stand, a short fling or a series of romances, can result in you having to be involved with your party pal for 18 years in a co-parenting role. When the heat of passion takes over without any forethought or pre-planning, then you may find yourself tied to someone through the birth of a child. Even if you conclude that this person is not your type, when a child results, then you have to consider the following:

You will likely have contact with this person for 18 years. Not just once in a while contact, but frequent and regular contact many times per week. You must include this person in your decision-making process. If you co-parent a child and want to move out of Minnesota you must get permission from this person or get a court order. You must consult with this person on doctors, day-care, baby-sitting, schooling, activities, vacation, and everything else that involves the child.

Every parent has a duty to support his or her child. The other parent’s attorney or a County attorney may bring an action against you for support. If you move from Minnesota the state of your residency will work with Minnesota to make sure that child support is paid. Failure to pay your court ordered support could result in loss of your driver’s license; or, loss of your hunting and fishing privileges; or, interception of your tax refunds; or, you may do time in jail.

A child needs both its parents and child support and healthcare and daycare as well as miscellaneous expenses. A recent news report indicated that it takes just over $250,000.00 to raise a child not including college costs. Are you ready for the financial, emotional, and long-term responsibility of raising or co-parenting a child?

Before you party with anyone for one-night, or for a short-fling, or even in a longer romance, think about your future and whether you want to plan your family. You must take responsibility for your future and not leave it up to the other person.

Kate Willmore, Saint Cloud, Minnesota, Family Lawyer and Mediator or (320) 217-6030

Copyright 2013

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Kate Willmore, Saint Cloud, Minnesota, divorce, custody and family attorney brings over 25 years experience to every client's legal matter. *** Licensed in Minnesota and in California

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