Divorcing Parents Should Follow the Golden Rule

We all remember our folks telling us:  Share, play nice, get along with the other kids;  and,  treat others like you want to be treated.  Divorcing parents would do well to remember the foregoing sage advice.

Communication-theatreWhatever the tension or stress between divorcing parents, the kids don’t need exposure to adult agendas in any form.   Divorcing parents owe the children good role modeling even in the most difficult times- the break-up of a marriage.   It takes strength of character and will to rise above disagreements and treat one another civilly and respectfully during a divorce.   Treating the other parent like you want to be treated puts it all in perspective.

The break-up of a marriage is not the break-up of the family.   Divorcing parents need to remember that they will continue to be involved on some level with the other parent for many years.   Even when the children turn 18 and graduate, there are weddings, baptisms, confirmations, birthdays, and other family celebratory events that both parents will attend.   A civil and respectful relationship between divorced parents has benefits that flow down to the children and to the grandchildren.   Even when the tension, stress, and high emotion are prevalent in the relationship between you and your former spouse and your tolerance for civility is tested, then you would do well to follow another bit of sage advice we all learned as kids, and that is, pretend that you get along.  Treat one another the way you want to be treated and eventually the pretense becomes a reality.

Kate Willmore

Saint Cloud, Minnesota, Family Lawyer & Mediator

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