Minnesota Unwed Father’s Legal Rights- Establishing Yourself as Dad

Dad with DaughterMinnesota grants sole custody of children born outside of marriage to mothers.  Dads have to establish their parental rights.

Signing a recognition of parentage does not convey any parental rights;  having your name on the birth certificate or having the child assume your surname doesn’t grant you any parental rights; living together or having a shared parenting schedule doesn’t protect dads either.

Dads must  establish paternity and then move towards shared custody, parenting time, and a parenting plan. Paternity is determined by genetic testing or by a conclusive agreement between the parties or by Court Order. Paternity includes the legal obligation to financially support the children.  Financial support is in the form of child support.

You don’t have to wait until there is some crisis in co- parenting.  In fact, unwed parents can enter into an agreement confirming that dad is the child’s natural father.  The agreement can include co-parenting schedules, shared custody, and a parenting plan.  The agreement can be in place if the parties live apart or live together.   An agreement is called a Stipulation by Courts and lawyers.  A Stipulation is signed by both parents usually in the presence of a notary. The Stipulation is then made a Court Order.   The Order can be enforced by either parent.

Dads are an integral and important part of each child’s life.  Don’t wait to get involved with your children. Protect your parental rights and formalize paternity, custody, shared parenting time and  parenting plan under Minnesota law.  Children do their very best by having two loving parents.

See Minn. Stat.Section 257.541 Custody and Parenting Time With Children Born Outside of Marriage

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