The Minnesota Free Range Divorce and Free Range Family Law Case

Blue Question Mark ManNow days there are so very many options for folks to do their own divorce; You  can download a form of forty pages or so and check every box and file it.   Folks can create their own fill in the blanks legal pleadings via a law library or online via various “Buy your divorce here for $25.00”.

After two  years or more of free range Minnesota divorces and free range family law cases where parties represent themselves, I am seeing more folks come in to ask for  help in repairing their respective divorce or family law case.

I’ve reviewed final court orders where folks have inadvertently locked themselves into property settlements that are not equitable or fair; marital awards in homestead go unprotected via liens; there is no language in the decree that requires the homestead resident party  remove the other party’s name from the mortgage;  shared retirements have no provisions for post-dissolution orders called QDROs that rollover one party’s interest in the other party’s retirement or pension; or, one party is bullied into joint custody when it is obvious that the parties cannot cooperate or there is a history of domestics.

Many times I cannot repair what has gone before me in a Minnesota divorce or Minnesota family law case. Property settlements in Minnesota divorces are permanent and cannot be re-opened absent evidence of fraud; there are deadlines imposed in re-opening a file; custody awards are in essence permanent because the standard for a modification is higher than the initial best interests standard.

When I took the bar examination many years ago all of my follow students and I had a mantra that we told ourselves when studying was overwhelming:  Do it right and do it once.  I think that saying  is appropriate in free range Minnesota divorce and Minnesota family law cases.

Do-it-yourself has a place,  but do-it-yourself without at least an attorney review of a self-prepared Minnesota divorce or Minnesota family law case is risky and foolish.  Attorneys are highly educated and skilled for a reason.  The law is not an easy read and is often contradictory in its application.  Attorneys have figurative gears and wheels in their minds that analyze all the facts and circumstances of a case.  An attorney sees what you don’t see in your Minnesota divorce or Minnesota family law case.  An attorney can tell you the short-term and long-term consequences of your actions.  An attorney can forecast and predict possible legal outcomes and suggest remedies or a better way to do things via language and form.

There are many attorneys out there who offer reasonable flat rate services for counsel and advice and document review.  Hire a   Minnesota family attorney for a one-time review and advice for your self-prepared or  online pleadings before you file and before you sign a settlement agreement.

As a postscript to this post, I would add that anyone who relies upon online forms to complete their Will, Trust, or other Estate Plan without attorney advice most definitely has a fool for a client.   Estate plans are the singular most important documents that you will ever prepare and you get what you pay for in online estate plans.

Just my two-cents.

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