When is a law library not a law library?

12065691761506967084johnny_automatic_Services_10.svg.thumbI appreciate the access to justice efforts of the State by turning law libraries into free legal drop-in locales.  I do, however, miss what a law library used to be and that is a place to read the law and think and study your client’s case in quiet.

I am now sitting in the courthouse in the law library waiting for my appearance.   There are no legal newspapers or the usual legal journals that we used to see here — and read.   I can read “Hog” magazine devoted to Harley Davidson motorcycles or  “The Boundary Waters Journal” or ” The Fuel Economy Guide for 2015″,  among other non-legal materials. Most of which can be found at the magazine rack of your grocery store.   We have no Minnesota Lawyer with the most recent appellate decisions and summaries of relevant case-law or other legal journals.

It’s not quiet either.  Not like a library, but more like a busy café with folks milling about and talking loudly.

Nothing is certain except change itself.”  Somebody who I don’t recall said that.

Lamentations for access to my University of San Diego-School of Law library. I’d like to be there now, but it’s 2200 miles away.

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