Minnesota Divorce and Changing Your Name

Blue Question Mark Man     Many parties incorporate a name change within a Minnesota divorce.   Once the divorce is final, then you must follow-through and give notice of your name change.  Do it as soon as the divorce is final because it is easy to forget.  Print this blog out as a checklist for changing your name following a Minnesota divorce.

Security Administration– SSA has a form that must be completed and presented to the local office along with a certified copy of the divorce decree.

MN Driver’s License-You must obtain a new license and present evidence of a legal name change; i.e., a certified copy of the Minnesota Divorce Decree or a certified copy of the Certificate of Dissolution, which is a short-hand summary of the divorce signed by the Court and Court Administrator verifying certain facts. If you have a Minnesota State ID, then you must follow the same procedure.

Utilities, Insurance, Post Office, Credit Card, and Other Service Entities– Notify all of the foregoing in writing of the name change.

Employers, Retirement, Pensions– Notify your employer, and all of the plan administrators for any retirement or pension funds; most entities use their own special forms for these sorts of changes.

Memberships, Friends, Relatives- Notify your clubs, memberships and accounts ( Netflix, Amazon etc.)  and all of your relatives and friends.

E-Mail Accounts– change your email address if you used part of your married name in your e-mail address.

All Financial Accounts– I recommend to my clients that they open up accounts in their own names and close out all joint accounts rather than trust the bank to make the change. I have had clients have their banks continue to allow access to the former spouse because of some failure on the bank’s part. Begin fresh and open up new accounts in your name.

Titles and Registrations– change titles to all property -real and personal property that require a title or registration;  transferring title to real property involves special documents and your attorney should have followed through with any real property title changes or conveyances.

Passport– do not forget Uncle Sam.  Follow all procedures for changing your name and obtaining a new passport.  Federal procedures for passport changes may be found on the Fed’s website.

Beneficiariess – as a side note – do not forget to change your beneficiaries on all life insurance, retirement accounts, or any other account in which you named your former spouse as a beneficiary.  Speak with your financial advisor or your human resources person.  Most entities have particular forms for changing a beneficiary.

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