Minnesota Divorce and Pre-Divorce Check-List

Blue Question Mark ManFinancials

1. Obtain a copy of your credit report.  If your spouse has any secured obligations or opened any joint credit accounts, then the report should have this information.

2. Cancel any joint credit cards if you are able or remove your spouse’s name as a person who may charge on the card.

3. Obtain the most recent quarterly statements of all of your financial accounts.

4. Obtain the most recent balance statement for any secured property; e.g., mortgage, equity lines of credit, car loans, boat loans or other big-ticket items.

5. Obtain the balances on statements for any student loans or other debts.

6. Obtain copies of at least 5 years tax returns including wage statements, 1099’s, and all schedules, both personal and business tax returns, if applicable.

7. Open up a checking and savings account in your own name at a bank where you and your spouse do not bank. Deposit your pay-checks into your new account.

8. Keep copies of your last three pay-stubs for your attorney.

Personal and Real Property

1. Obtain titles and insurance information for all vehicles or other recreational equipment

2. Obtain a legal description from the County of Record for all real property, including, but not limited to timeshares.

3. If you believe that personal household items or valuable collections like guns or art work will be disputed, then take photos and itemize the location with the date and the photograph of the item; record serial numbers if any.

4. Obtain a copy of any homeowners insurance riders if collectables are insured.


1. Create a budget for yourself and the children.

2. Keep all of your receipts and categorize your receipts for evidence in the event your expenses are disputed.

Organize all of your materials so that your attorney need not spend her/his time sorting through documents at a cost to you.


Meet with a few attorneys until you find one that you like and are comfortable with and who has the credentials to do the job.

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