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Can I Bring a Contempt Action Against my Ex in a Minnesota Divorce? 

Minnesota divorces set out the terms  and conditions for division of assets and liabilities; the parties’ custody, parenting time and child support; who pays spousal maintenance also called alimony, if any,  among other agreements all of which require some level of performance by both parties or one party.  The terms and conditions of the parties’ […]

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Contempt Proceedings In Family Law or When the Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Pay You

Most contempt proceedings in family matters involve financial issues. For example, when the ex-spouse doesn’t pay a debt that he/she is required to pay or when the ex-spouse fails to pay a sum of money to his/her former spouse. The aggrieved part is the person seeking performance under the decree. The non-performing ex-spouse is the contempnor […]

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